Friday, April 9, 2010

Information Overload

With my budget and itinerary pretty much mapped out, I had 2 missions:

Find the lowest airfare!


Find the BEST hotel rooms for the lowest price!

I subscibed to and to get fare alerts from And I was determined to wait it out until I could get tickets for $800 or until May--whichever came first. was awesome, because they graph out prices that they find over a month, so you can kinda guess whether rates are headed up or down and which days of the week tend to cost less for travel.

I turned to to search for hotels, to read reviews, and I used Excel to make myself spreadsheets for my findings in each city, sorted by price. And....oh, I spent hours and hours mulling over my options. I also found a few options just through Google or other sites like, although I ultimately didn't use most of them. One of my favorite finds I found by following a series of links:'m so excited for that one!

We found our flight in March on American Airlines for $830 each!