Friday, August 6, 2010


With a schedule set, and after finding airfare and a few hotels UNDER budget..I began stalking the travel forums for tips and ideas that would come in handy while we're there.

That led me to our only two scheduled activities:

The "Scavi Tour" at the Vatican, which will take us on a guided tour of the excavated necropolis below St. Peter's Basilica where many believe is the final resting place of St. Peter.

Pizza Class with Ciao Laura, where Bill and I hope to finally learn the secret methods for an authentic Italian crust.

I have a notebook full of other ideas that need no reservations and have no real time constraints, from the Colosseum to Pompeii and from Mt. Etna to the Amalfi Coast--we'll see if we have time to do it all! But we certainly plan to spend some time on the beach and plenty of time sampling the glorious food!