Friday, January 8, 2010


We set our cap at $5000.
We were hoping to spend two weeks.
We knew we wanted to visit Rome, Bill wanted to see Pompeii and I wanted to return to Sicily.
So, our initial idea for an itinerary was to arrive in Rome and simply continue south.

We guessed airfare would be about $1000 per ticket.

That left $3000 for hotels, transportation and food---but how much did those cost?? And how long could we afford to stay?

I used to bounce back and forth between dollars and euros while I researched.

I'd used before to book hotels, so I used that to research hotel prices in different areas along our planned route.

I mostly researched car rental prices by turning to Google.

And food, I just guessed we could manage to find meals a day for $30 per person--especially if we didn't eat out for EVERY meal.

So my budget started to looked like this:
Airfare                = $2000
Food, $60x14    = $840
Hotels, $110x14 = $1540
Car, $50x14       = $700
TOTAL              =$5080

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