Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 1 Rome

Let me just say: what a miserable flight! Not that there was anything particularly bad about it, I suppose, it's just so LONG and Bill and I couldn't get any sleep at all. So, we arrived in Rome at 9 in the morning--but to us it was 1 in the morning. We were exhausted and our eyes were stinging. We found our little B&B without a problem. Were they expecting us? Hm..well, they did have a room. Thank goodness!

But we had some time to kill before our room would be ready, also, we knew better than to let ourselves sleep right away. So...Colosseum!

But we hadn't thought to bring the Rick Steves audio tour that we'd dowloaded onto our iPod. Plus it was swarming with tourists and hawkers. So, we kinda wandered around.

We found an awesome lookout above the Roman Forum:

Our wanderings brought us to the Capitoline Museums, and since we hadn't yet used our RomaPass, our admission was free.

But my favorite part of the day--the part that helped me remember why I'd put myself through such a miserable, sleepless flight--was DINNER!

Awwww yeah. Delizioso!

Room @ B&B Diocleziano60
train FCO>Termini x230
Roma Pass x250
dinner @ Babbos x232

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