Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 9 Ragusa

We left Letojanni and headed towards Ragusa, but first we had to get a look at the beautiful Taormina and it's high-end hotels. We found a great view of Mt. Etna.

We stopped in Catania for lunch--who's idea was that?? Traffic was unbelievable, especially with all of the schools and businesses emptying for the lunch hour. High school kids were whizzing through the cars on their Vespas. Businessmen were picking up their grade-schoolers. Some kids were texting at the bus stops. It was so congested that people were leaving their cars in the middle of the road to better navigate the mess and/or berate other drivers.

But we had some really yummy arancini and gelato.

Our little apartment in Ragusa was SO CUTE!

and what a view!
Room @ L'Apparthotel60
gelato & brioche1.2
lemon drink0.8
groceries in Ragusa10
dinner @ il Barocco22

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