Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 6 Maratea

After driving most of the afternoon, we were approaching our hotel in Maratea, and we started to notice how close we were to the sea. It looked so beautiful, we had to stop and take a few pictures from a little overlook.

As soon as we did, something looked familiar. Our hotel, Il Gabbiano, is right in that little cove and just out of view in this shot. We were really excited to get there after we realized what a beautiful spot we had found!

It was BEAUTIFUL! And the hotel was half empty so they gave us three room keys and told us to go look at them and pick the one we liked the best. And in every room we would throw open the windows, and there was the sea crashing into the shore!

Those red panels that you see are the roof of the hotel restaurant. Which was pretty great, too!

Bill sampled the Calabrese specialty, n'duja--a very hot & spicy spread made with sausage and red peppers. (We brought a jar home with us.)

And I tried a dish that I had read about as being a specialty of the Amalfi region that we had just left behind: fish in "acqua pazza"--which I guess means broth with carrots, tomatoes and shallots. This is possibly the first time I've been served a fish head to tail.


Room @ Il Gabbiano65
car rental321
Autogrill snacks5.8
dinner @ hotel restaurant47

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