Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 2 Rome

On Bill's list of things he HAD to see in Italy were Pompeii, Aqueducts and Pizza. So I found an "Acqueduct Park" while searching on the internet, and we decided to follow the directions I had copied down to get there. It took us outside of the uber-bustling center of Rome. Which was a big relief--even only after one day!

This was the next to last stop on the Metro, and we had enjoyed our time that, while we were riding the Metro back to Rome, we decided to get off at a stop marked "Colline Albiani--Via Appia Antica." We never did see the Via Appia Antica, but we had a very nice pizza lunch.

We took our Rick Steves audio tours with us on the iPod and and enjoyed an audio tour of the Pantheon.

And in the piazza, we stopped for Bill's very first gelato in Italy: lemon, raspberry & mandarin orange. Yum!

We strolled over to the Trevi Fountain.

 After which, we were determined to visit the Colosseum while we had our audio guides with us. But there seemed to be some sort of Metro strike. We got back to the Termini station to switch to the line that would take us to the Colosseum, but the platforms were insanely crowded and the trains were simply whizzing past all of the waiting people. So, we were trying to figure out what to do and ran into another young couple from Ireland having the same frustration. They suggested we split a cab--so we did. And the four of us walked completely around the Colosseum looking for the entrance before realizing that it had closed for the night. But we got some nice shots from the outside.

Room @ B&B Diocleziano60
lunch special @Casali Gasperini13
gelato @ Nice Ice3.5
dinner@ Forum Pizza25.5
farmacia (shaving stuff)16.7

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