Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 5 Sorrento

I really wanted to use this morning to see the Amalfi coast and go up to Ravello to see the Villa Cimbrone gardens. So, after breakfast with our host and a lovely couple from New Zealand, we took the train to Sorrento, to catch a bus to Amalfi, from where we would take another bus up to Ravello, and then back down to Amalfi, and take a ferry back to Sorrento to be there at 6pm. This was the game plan.

I held the video camera up to the bus window for most of the ride, while Bill leaned over me and took pictures. That is, until we started to fall asleep.

You see in these last few pictures that we took, what part of the problem was: driving through towns in a bus that took up the whole street, and switchbacks. While it was an awesome view in itself to watch these busdrivers in action as they dealt with hairpin turns and city traffic on very narrow roads...the bus ride took nearly 3 hours in itself.

So when we got to Amalfi, we beelined it to the bus that was headed for Ravello, only to be told that it wasn't the one going to Ravello, it was going back to Positano. The one to Ravello wouldn't be here for another 40 min. So we decided we'd better check the ferry schedule to see when we could get back. And, wouldn't you know some of the departures had been cancelled, the only one for the rest of the day left at 5:30. Which we decided was cutting it a little to close to our 6pm deadline. That left only the 3 hour bus ride back. Which left us no time to visit Ravello. So sad!!

But we made it to our 6:00 appointment in Sorrento--a Pizza Cooking Class at Villa Adriana. It was awesome!! Our hosts were a young couple that had recently started the company. She's from Australia and he's from Sorrento. And the rest of our class was a group of four ladies from Ohio. We all had a great time together!

We began by mixing our pizza dough and setting it aside to rise. Then we made our appetizers: eggplant parmesan. And then individual-sized tiramisu'--we had the option of using espresso or pear nectar.

After eating our eggplant parmesan, it was time to get our pizza on! Bill was the star of the show and we all volunteered him to go first.

But I had fun too!

It was so cool to use a real woodburning pizza oven! And the pizzas all turned out sooo good! By the time we got to our desserts we were stuffed and ready for bed.

Room @ B&B Casa Rachele50
lunch @ Amalfi18.9
gelato in Amalfi3
gelato in Piano di Sorrento3
Pizza Class150
taxi from Sorrento23.9

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