Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Technology

Once upon a time, I didn't own a cell phone and thought nothing at all about leaving the country without one.

But--OMG--we're going to be in a foreign country and won't even have a cell phone!! What if we need to get in touch with someone! What if we get lost! Wha t if we can't decide where to eat and need to Google a restaurant review!

How lame is that? But it's how I feel and so we went to Verizon to see if either of our phones were able to be upgraded to some kind of "global" plan for the duration of our trip. No. Both of our phones operate on a different broadband from those in Europe so, they would be useless there. But! Verizon has a global phone program that will let us borrow a phone for the trip that DOES operate on the same broadband. It will cost us 99 cents/minute and the cost of shipping ($10).

So our temp phone came via FedEx today. Roll your eyes all you want, but I feel much better knowing that I can call for help if we're stranded on the road somewhere in the Italian countryside.

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