Monday, September 6, 2010

On Packing

During this planning process, Bill and I have come to love that little British travel guide, Rick Steves. Mr. Steves is a HUGE proponent of the "packing light" school of thought. So, we have decided to give it a try.

We've assembled a laundry kit, including laundry line, suction cups, a sink stopper and some Woolite. And we plan to take with us only 4 days worth of clothing for our two week trip. This, we hope, will allow us to move easily from city to city and to have extra space for any souvenirs we may pick up along the way without going over weight restrictions at the airport. Wish us luck!

Now, we if we could only agree on packing method. I have such a hard time not folding my clothing into a nice square shape and stacking it up, like I do in my dresser drawers. But, apparently, this is the WORST way to pack a suitcase as it is easier for things to come out creased and wrinkled.

So I might be persuaded to try the "rolling" method--which may or may not eliminate some of the wrinkles.

But I think Bill might be leaning towards the "bundle" method--in which you lay everything flat on top of each other and then bundle it all up. Which doesn't sound like a very tidy thing to do at all!


..Only 2 more days!!

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